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      HPLC Columns
      HPLC Columns are where the sample separation process occurs in HPLC chromatography. Here, the sample is passed through both the stationary and mobile phases at the same time, causing the sample's components to separate. Biomolecules like glycosylated proteins can also employ it. They are very economical to use. 
      GC Capillary Columns
      Chromatography Column is a useful technique in which the substances to be isolated are presented onto the highest point of a column loaded with an adsorbent move. This is typically gathered in solution as they move through the column at different times. This is very easy to use and safe to handle. 
      Gas Generator
      Gas Generator is frequently used in hospitals, nursing homes, and other big institutions where a constant power source is essential. This generator is more affordable, easier to operate, and environmentally friendly than other fossil fuel-powered generators. This requires very low maintenance and replacement costs. 
      Muffle Furnace
      Muffle Furnace is perfect for a wide range of applications, including heat treatment, ceramics, glass, testing and evaluating materials, and much more. It is strong, dependable, and effective under heavy use. To prevent sample contamination, this separates the samples from the fuel and the combustion process. 
      Ultrasonic Cleaner
      Ultrasonic Cleaner scrubs the surface of submerged items with high-frequency sound waves that travel through liquid. When cleaning complicated products with blind holes, fractures, and recesses, an ultrasonic parts cleaner is very helpful for eliminating impurities that are strongly bonded to the surface.
      Aluminium Crimp Cap
      Aluminium Crimp Cap is utilized as a closure type for the containers used to store chemicals in order to avoid contamination. It is also easily sterilizable and autoclavable. This is perfect for use with your crimp neck vials. For a tight seal, aluminium is securely crimped around the neck.
      Glass Vials
      Glass Vials is mostly used in the medical industry, they are essential to the workflow in a variety of situations, including retail shops and law enforcement organisations. Typically, vials are used to hold laboratory samples or medications. Glass is brittle, making it a questionable material for use.
      HPLC Column Storage Cabinet
      For all HPLC columns used in a lab, this HPLC Column Storage Cabinet is the perfect and safe location. It is a small unit with an attractive appearance that offers defined space for both new and old columns. This helps prevent exposure to dangerous chemicals and a variety of gases.
      Screw Caps
      Screw Caps have a very tight seal and is composed of aluminium with a polyethylene or tin coating. Protecting exposed bolt, nut, and screw heads from damage and incursion is the main goal of cover caps. At that time, wine makers were seeking for a solution to the cork-related quality issues.
      Deuterium Lamp
      A deuterium lamp is more costly than a halogen lamp because it needs a big, complicated power supply. It is one of the few sources of continuous spectrum light that is stable in the ultraviolet region, though. The short emission wavelength of the deuterium lamp is 400 nm or less.
      Laboratory Equipment
      Laboratory Equipment is manufactured and supplied by our skilled workers, by making use of premium grade of raw materials and latest technology. One comes across numerous sorts of apparatus when working in a chemical lab since they are necessary to carry out experiments. Users may conduct exciting experiments rather than just take dry notes. 
      Leak Detector
      Leak Detector is quite sensitive and can pick up on it. Utilizing a data logger also gives you the chance to monitor your system continuously, gather measurement data, and evaluate it both immediately and afterwards. This detector is tested under various parameters to ensure its high quality and effectiveness. 
      Syringe Filters
      We are able to provide a flawless quality assortment of Syringe Filters. The offered product is designed for particle removal and preparation of organic solvents and similar solutions prior to chromatography analysis or other instrument analysis. This is broadly appreciated for optimum strength, light weight, excellent finish, rugged design and durability. Also, clients can avail the offered Syringe Filters from us at very reasonable rates. 
      HPLC Column Washing Pump
      With a humble beginning, we are grown as a successful business enterprise occupied in manufacturing and exporting of reliable HPLC Column Washing Pump. These flow meters are extensively used to measure the level of liquids, where physical contact with liquid is not possible. These products range to determine the accurate flow of liquids. These HPLC Column Washing Pump are mostly used for public water supplies and factories. 
      Vial Crimper
      Vial Crimpers are fundamental devices for keeping up with test honesty and guaranteeing that vials are appropriately fixed in research facility and modern settings. Appropriately fixed vials are basic for exact insightful outcomes, test conservation, and administrative consistence.